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Music is included in the National Curriculum as a foundation subject and all children follow the statutory requirements. Teaching ensures that listening, as well as applying knowledge and understanding, is developed through the interrelated skills of performing, composing and appraising.

Four units of work are delivered to each year group over two terms. As the school is aiming to achieve the Sing Up Award, it is our aim that each child, in each class, will sing on a daily basis, in addition to a hymn practice, which takes place most weeks.

For those children who want to take their music further, there is a choir, which is open to all, and instrumental tutors visits the school to teach flute, clarinet and violin. The costs of these lessons and the hire of the instruments are paid for by parents, although lessons may be subsidised for children with Special Education Needs or families on low incomes.

At Christmas, Year 3 deliver a School Production which involves all of the children learning and performing a repertoire of songs. Year 6 also perform an end of year production in July. The school regularly registers and takes part in other national singing events such as the Big Sing, World Song for Peace and Comic Relief.

2015/16 Long term plan for Music