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Medicines in School

In March 1998 Derby City LEA issued new guidelines to schools regarding the administration of medicines in schools. Pupils who are unwell should not be sent to school. However, many pupils need to attend school while taking prescribed medicines either because they are:

  • suffering from chronic illness or allergy
  • recovering from a short term illness and are undergoing a course of treatment using prescribed medicines

To help avoid unnecessary taking of medicines at school, parents/guardians should:

  • be aware that a three times daily dosage can usually be spaced evenly throughout the day and does not necessarily have to be taken at lunchtimes
  • ask the family doctor if it is possible to adjust the medication to avoid school time doses

Therefore when essential medicines are brought to school we ask that:

  • the medicine is brought to the office with written instructions from the parent or the GP.(Please note one day’s dose only).
  • a form needs to be completed by the parent (these will be given to you to complete) by a member of the office staff who will also administer the medicine

As already mentioned we also keep blue inhalers in the classrooms to help asthmatics but these need to be clearly labelled ‘Relievers’ and ‘Preventers’ and named. Derby City recommends that only ‘Relievers’ should need to be provided.

We will only be able to administer medicines in school that have been prescribed by a GP/medical practitioner.