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Infectious Diseases

The following is a guide to the normal periods that children should stay away from school after contracting infectious diseases. However, these periods may be varied in individual cases at the discretion of the medical practitioner.

Minimum period of exclusion from school:

  • Chicken Pox: Six days from onset of rash
  • Dysentery: Until free from symptoms
  • German Measles (Rubella): Four days from onset of rash
  • Measles: Seven days from onset of rash providing child appears well
  • Mumps: Until swelling has subsided
  • Meningitis: Until declared fit to return to school by a Medical Practitioner
  • Impetigo: Exclusion until skin is healed
  • Head Lice: Please notify school if you see eggs or lice in your child’s hair

If staff see head lice on a child, the whole year group will receive a letter advising that parents check and treat accordingly. In persistent cases, parents may be contacted to take their child home for treatment. Advice may also be offered by the school nurse.