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After a hard day’s work, junior age children should spend their time in the evening being with friends and family, and perhaps taking part in one of the many activities organised for young people beyond school e.g. Brownies, Cubs, Sport, Music and Dance Clubs etc. However we do set a certain amount of homework, according to your child’s year group, and they will be encouraged to take their reading books home daily. You can help your child make good progress by getting involved.

We hope you will find some time to listen to your child read in the evenings, to practice basic number skills (often multiplication tables) and spellings for that week as well as help with any set homework. Sometimes your child will be given “talk homework”. The idea is that they will be given a topic to discuss with family members in preparation for a lesson.

How YOU can help your child do well at school

Children’s lives are enriched in families that “do things together”. The best way you can help (and the most rewarding) is to show an interest in what your child does at school, what they achieve and what they find difficult.

You can help your child by:

  • Listening to them when they get home from school.
  • Reading to them, and listening to them read to you.
  • Encouraging them to join in activities and clubs in and out of school (like Brownies, Cubs, and Sports etc.).
  • Joining in with some of the family events at school shows how much you value school.