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Behaviour Principles

At Cavendish Close Junior School, we believe that teachers must be allowed to teach in an environment which is relaxed and free from unnecessary interruptions and that children’s education should not suffer because it is disrupted by the poor behaviour of others. Pupils will be rewarded for a positive attitude to school life both in and out of the classroom.

We have five key rules:

1. Respect others.

2. Always try your best

3. Always walk in school

4. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

5. Take care of our school.

The following range of rewards will be given by staff to encourage good behaviour, good work and a disciplined environment:

  1. Verbal or written praise.
  2. Display of good quality work.
  3. Sharing of high quality work with classmates/other classes/teachers
  4. Verbal or written praise communicated to parents.
  5. Praise from the Headteacher.
  6. Pupil of the week award certificates presented in the Awards assembly.
  7. Awarding of team points, rewards stickers and or certificates from class teachers.
  8. Class teachers will also have a range of rewards that they will use in their class.
  9. The use of Golden time to encourage good behaviour once a week.

However, a range of sanctions will be applied to children who do not follow our rules:

  1. A first verbal warning from the class teacher or other adult.
  2. A second verbal warning from the class teacher or other adult.
  3. A third warning will result in a yellow card being given and the child’s name recorded on the yellow card board displayed in the classroom. If a child receives a yellow warning then they lose 10 minutes of Golden Time, this can be earnt back during the week.
  4. Repeated yellow cards may result in an amber card being given, with the child to reporting to the hub at lunchtime.  A senior member of staff will discuss and record the actions taken in the class behaviour book.
  5. A fourth warning will result in a red card being given and their name put on the board and parents will be contacted to make them aware.
  6. A child receiving a red card will miss all of his/her Golden Time. However, they do have the opportunity to earn back a maximum of 30 minutes.

Serious or repeated breaches of the rules will result in child being sent to the Head of School who will then contact the child’s parents.