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Absence & Illness

There are two kinds of absence from school – authorised and unauthorised. An authorised absence is usually when a child is too poorly to attend or has a medical appointment which cannot be made outside school hours. All other absences are classed as unauthorised and must be reported as such.


If your child is ill, please notify the school by phone as soon as possible on the first day of the absence, so that we know that your child is with you and safe. Please note that school staff will telephone you to find out where your child is if you do not do this.

For more information on periods of exclusions following an illness, please see the Infectious Diseases page and the Medicines in School page for guidelines regarding administration of medicines in schools.

Holidays during term time

In line with Government advice, the governors have decided not to authorise leave for holidays during term time except in exceptional circumstances. If you need to take your child out of school during term time, please download and complete an Application for Leave of Absence Form and send it into the school office at least two weeks before the proposed absence, stating the reasons for taking your child out of school. This form is also available from the school office.

Leaving during school hours

For safety reasons, children will not be allowed to leave school premises during school hours without a responsible adult. If you need to collect your child please see the school office staff who will collect your child from the classroom.